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[27] Ichiro Suzuki icons [03 Aug 2007|12:29am]

01 06 16

+24 more @ hobbitholes
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Just out of curiosity... [18 May 2007|03:26pm]

My god...I love this man. He's probably the only celebrity that could inspire me to switch into obnoxious fangirl squealing mode. I could list all the reasons why he's my all time favorite baseball player but that would take forever (so I'll spare you all the pain =])

I was only able to see his game once in person though, since I don't have the luxury of living in Seattle. I was just wondering if anyone here has been fortunate enough to meet him in real life (not just watch him play but actually talked to him)? Just curious to know how the man is in real life as we all know he's a GOD during the game.
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Ichicons [12 Jan 2007|01:25pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I was bored, so I made some Ichiro icons for fun and to share. 13 of them in total.

More under the cutCollapse )

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Bobble Head and Celebriduck Ichiro! [09 Oct 2006|09:52pm]

Cleaning up my place and need to make room for new ones. Hard to find Celebriduck Ichiro along with Bobble head, Perfect combo!

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Icons! [31 Aug 2006|04:05pm]

Hey! I'm a newbie...I love Ichiro...

[60] Ichiro textless icons. (bases...whatever)

And not all are from his Mariners games, some are from his WBC Japan games...

-All (except for two) done with that kind of vivid coloring. (Which is why I did them all within 2 1/2 hours)
-The pics taken from Google images and Flikr.


Over here
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Congrats to Ichi [01 Nov 2005|04:33pm]


Ichiro wins his fifth consecutive Gold Glove without any "diving catches". So yeah, fuck you, Bob Finnigan, Dwight Jaynes and co.
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slump [09 Jun 2005|05:12am]

So our boy is in quite a slump, for him, going .233 in the last 20 games. He's still on pace to break 200 hits, though (205).
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new [27 Apr 2005|06:38am]

Just joined.

I was at the Mariners game last Friday, obstentiably to treat my girlfriend on her birthday (she's a baseball fan), but also because they were giving out Ichiro bobbleheads to commemorate his 262 hits. To our surprise, they also had a presentation for him, with the Commissioner of Baseball giving Ichiro some kind of "wow, that rocked" achievement award for breaking the record.

Sadly, Ichiro's speech was pretty bland, but I'll forgive him.

The woman sitting next to me said that this would be his last bobblehead; his agent won't let him do any more. Can anyone confirm/deny this? I'm not a big bobblehead fan, but I do like having my little Ichiro likeness.

Anyway, my personal Ichiro goal is for him to hit .400. He just needs to stop having these slumps like he has this past week (5 for 26 = .192).
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Recent Ichiro articles [15 Apr 2005|01:15am]

Yap, I have a paper to write ....

Ichiro's a lean machineCollapse )


Mariners' uncanny Suzuki feasts on Sox</font>
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Ichiro site back up [26 Feb 2005|07:57pm]

Just a heads-up for those who visit my site Ichiban. I switched to a new web server so the old url won't work anymore. Please update your bookmark to http://devoted.to/ichiro

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Ichiro mood theme for your pleasure [15 Feb 2005|12:54am]

[ mood | pleased ]

Since my geekiness (and Ichiro obsession) knows no bounds and I have too much free time on my hands, I created my own Ichiro mood theme. Thought I'd share it since it might be possible that there is another Ichiro freak out there who would like to use it.

Requirements: You need a paid account and some patience to learn how to set it up if you've never done it before.

You can preview it HERE.

Download the icon set along with the instruction HERE. I don't mind if you hotlink my icons, but I'd recommend that you upload them to your own server.

After everything's set up, you can modify the mood theme HERE.

*Note: You can also create a new theme manually using the editor by copy-and-past'ing the urls to the icons. It's less complicated than using the console but takes A LOT longer.

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[16 Dec 2004|03:04pm]
It's official, Adrian Beltre is now a Mariner...
The last two days have been something... Richie Sexson, and now Beltre.
I doubt they will go after Carlos Delgado now. The M's can use some pitching :P
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This community is alive, really! [12 Nov 2004|07:03pm]

So, I was photo hunting on the internet and dug out some rare photos of Ichiro as a pitcher in the days of yore.

Ichiro, the pitcherCollapse )
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[04 Nov 2004|12:13pm]


Congrats to Ichiro for his 4th consecutive Gold Glove and being name AL Outstanding Player for the 2004 season

The second award was apparently selected by secret ballot of all Major League players. If your peers say you're the best, you ARE the best, no matter what the media or fans think. Who knows more about baseball than the players themselves? It's not like Ichiro needs more validation on that point, but hey the more awards, the merrier, right? :)
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A review on the latest book on Ichiro [24 Oct 2004|09:56pm]

Ichiro's book scores

Associated Press Writer

Ichiro on Ichiro: Interviews With Narumi Komatsu
Philip Gabriel, translator
Sasquatch Books

He hits the baseball and runs to first base faster than you can say, "Look at Ichiro go!"

Ichiro Suzuki's sensational play has energized the Seattle Mariners since he came from Japan in 2001 and won the American League Most Valuable Player award in his rookie season.

He continues to set records -- this year, he collected 262 hits, breaking George Sisler's 84-year-old single-season record of 257 -- and is a fan favorite despite the language barrier.

He reaches over that wall, offering more personal information and observations, in "Ichiro on Ichiro," a book of interview questions and answers with Japanese writer Narumi Komatsu.

Ichiro's father gave him a red baseball glove when he was 3 and trained him every day.

His wife, Yumiko, a former Tokyo TV announcer who lives in Seattle, helps him withstand the pressure of fans, media and high expectations.

For baseball fans, "Ichiro" contains extra innings of information about his batting mechanics and observations about differences between Japanese and American major-league baseball.

"Ichiro" can be read as an inspirational coming-to-America story about how the country gave him the opportunity to continue to improve.

It also reads like an authorized biography with nothing outrageous or unflattering about Ichiro.

And one wonders what may have been lost in the translation by Philip Gabriel. Ichiro says he wants to "push the envelope" and not "rest on his laurels," but those expressions don't sound Japanese.
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Ichiro delines an award from Japanese gov't [09 Oct 2004|02:49pm]

Koizumi strikes out with Ichiro on award

Ichiro, basking in his latest triumph, left Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi stranded on base by declining to accept the People's Honor Award for a second time, sources said.

The Seattle Mariners outfielder showed humility in turning down the honor.

``I'm still a greenhorn,'' said Ichiro, 30, adding that he feared accepting the award would dampen his energy for the game.

When he declined the same offer in 2001, he also said, ``I'm still young.''

Later he was quoted as saying he would appreciate receiving the award once he retires.

The government moved to honor after Ichiro, on Oct. 1, broke George Sisler's major league record of 257 hits in a season set in 1920.

Ichiro ended the season with 262 hits and led the majors in batting with a .372 average.

``Ichiro seems to worry that his motivation will decline if he accepts this award,'' Chief Cabinet Secretary Hiroyuki Hosoda told reporters Friday.

Be that as it may, officials seem determined to bestow honors on Ichiro.

``We will make the offer again if he is named Most Valuable Player,'' said a senior official.(IHT/Asahi: October 9,2004) (10/09)

Ichiro fears Japanese honor would sap his drive


TOKYO -- Ichiro Suzuki declined a prestigious award from his country for a second time, saying he doesn't want fans to think he's accomplished all he could.

The Mariners outfielder set a major league record this year for hits in a season with 262, topping the 257 George Sisler set in 1920, and the Japanese government wanted to give him the People's Honor Award.

Suzuki said he was flattered, but worried it would undermine his dedication and mislead the public into believing he has reached his limit as a player, chief cabinet secretary Hiroyuki Hosoda said yesterday.

Suzuki hopes he can receive the award after he retires, which is "a long away off," Hosoda said.

He also turned down the award three years ago, after winning AL MVP honors and leading the league in batting and stolen bases.

Interesting .....
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The Streak Ends This Year... [09 Oct 2004|12:33am]
title or description

Ok, not Ichiro/Mariner related. This is about the playoffs

I'm a huge Mariners fan, no question about it. However, my heart has this little portion devoted to Boston, I mean.. A team that has been denied of a world championship, going on 86 years now! I totally despise the Yankees, they represent everything bad with baseball ($180,000,000 worth of bad-ness to be exact). If the Red Sox are going to get to the world series, I want to see them do it against the Yankees, in style.
Right now, I'm hoping for a Red Sox vs. Houston match-up... Houston has never been to a world series. The last time the Bo-Sox went to a world series was in 1986, and we ALL know what happened.
Anyhow, I'm just sick, as a baseball fan, of hearing the bullshit about the "Curse of the Bambino!" I really want to see it end. If the Mariners can't get to the world series, it should be Boston respectively, if not Boston, then it should be the Cubbies (even though they DIDN'T make it into the playoffs). It would be great to see Pedro, Schilling, and Lowe to come out firing against the Yankee bat's. That's only second to the Mariners winning it all, of course :D
So who're you guys rooting for in the playoffs, hopefully not the Yankees, or the Braves (for that matter :P). lol.
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Simple question: [06 Oct 2004|03:56pm]
I know the AL MVP is a ways off (2nd week in November). Do you think Ichiro has a chance to win the MVP award this year? Personally, I think Ichiro SHOULD be the AL MVP, however, the fact that he plays on a last place team will be detrimental to his cause. Only two players have ever won an MVP award (in both AL and NL) on a last place team: Ernie Banks and Alex Rodriguez (in 2003). The competition for the award is pretty extreme; Vladmir Guerrero, Manny Ramierez, David Ortiz, and Miguel Tejada all have VERY similiar stats. However, MVP votes for Ramierez and Ortiz (they both play in Boston) will no-doubt cancel eachother out. Vlad seems to have a really good shot, Tejada... probably not so good, but he's definitely in the running. Anyhow!! Ichiro should win it... That's my take (Maybe I AM a bit bias, but who cares, lol).
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Ichiro! [03 Oct 2004|07:24pm]

New icons to commemorate Ichiro's record-breaking season:

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[03 Oct 2004|03:49pm]
title or description

Congratulations Ichiro on a great season! 262 hits (the new Major League record) and his second batting title, with a .372 average, the highest in all of baseball this year. His fourth consecutive year with at least 100 runs or more, 30+ stolen bases, and 200+ hits. Ichiro broke the all-time season record for singles, and broke the record for most hits in any 4-year period. Ichiro also had more multi-hit games than any other player since the start of divisional play, with 80, breaking Don Mattingly's mark of 79 (yes, he broke that record this afternoon). Ichiro also led the American League in intentional walks with 19. Ichiro also became the first player to ever have three 50 hit months (May, July, and August) in a single year.

Again, congrats to the new hit-king, ICHIRO SUZUKI!!!
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